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Unfortunate but real, WordPress defacements, injections, phishing and malware issues do happen. We’ve assisted dozens of website owners from large and small web hosting environments scan, clean, reinstate and unblock their hacked WordPress websites.

There is a trend among large hosting providers to send a form email to the website owner saying that their website has been removed from the internet until they deal with the malware issues –Not very helpful! This leaves the website owner without a website and completely in the dark in terms of what to do next. We can help get you back up and running.

Our Approach

  • The first priority is to find the infected file(s) and completely clean everything. To do this we’ll need your hosting login information, admin area information, and possibly other access like FTP and any third party plugin information if applicable.
  • Once everything is confirmed as clean and the injection(s) are removed, we’re able to get your website back up and accessible to the public fairly quickly in most cases.
  • Once your site is cleaned and unblocked and live again, we need to take steps to minimize the chances of the issue occurring again. There was likely a weakness in your WordPress setup, outdated files, infected plugins, old technologies or similar issues that will need to be addressed.
  • We’ll work with you to ‘harden’ your WordPress website and to install monitoring systems that will alert you in the event of issues occurring again in the future, before they become serious enough to get your site removed from the internet.
  • If applicable, we’ll discuss moving your hosting to our services and look at some of our WordPress management packages that will ensure constant monitoring and instant repairs should something occur in the future.

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