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We specialize in providing fully managed hosting for small and medium-sized businesses whose hosting requirements are centred around a public website presence general business email requirements – Everything to keep your team up and running on the web. Our hosting environment is based in Canada and uses Linux servers.

As with any hosting provider, there’s a line in the sand for what our responsibilities are as your host, and what your responsibilities are as a client. Please see package details for more information on who’s responsible for what when it comes to hosting with us.

Small Business Web
Hosting Package

This suits the requirements of over 95% of our clients, and is designed to be robust enough to build your business around without providing a bunch of “stuff” you’ll never use.

Multi-Site Hosting

This package is for clients who need multiple websites in one clean and convenient hosting account. Depending on how you setup your sites, you can run up to 10 websites from this account using a combination of subdomains and add on domains.

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